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Customer Reviews

I have been shooting at my Arrowmat Target now for the last few months and have already greatly improved my accuracy.  Well done on an affordable and innovative new product!
-Jeff Berryman

Was very impressed with the photorealistic qualities of your new targets - especially the wildlife images.  Finally, I have something exciting to shoot at!
-Bill Rowan

We left our Arrowmat outdoors for over six months in sun, snow and rain and were amazed at how well it withstood the elements.
-Heather Gibson

You advertise the fact that your Arrowmats can handle over 1000 shots with standard practice points, mine has taken over 2000.  Just thought you’d like to know.
-John Meredith

Me and a buddy of mine (who still believes he’s a better shot) tried out the ‘Dartboard’ Arrowmat.  What a great way of adding a competitive edge to your ordinary practice session.
-Angie Patterson

So much for the days of aiming at black dots....
-George Carroll

I recently returned from a hunting trip up north and wanted to drop you a line on how versatile your product really is.  While the other guys were lugging around their expensive (and heavy) foam block targets, I just rolled out my Arrowmat and bungied it to a couple trees.  I used an old rotted out tree stump as a backstop.  It worked great and quickly became the camp favorite.
-Scott Gerkin

OK, granted.  Paper targets only cost a few dollars.  But the $20 a pop I spend in gas driving up to buy replacements for them starts to add up!  My ArrowMat has lasted all season and I only went to the store once.
-Bob Allmendinger