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The Arrowmat™ Story

Arrowmat™ self healing target faces offer a unique way to keep you engaged in your passion for archery.

One Day in September

It was on a beautiful sunny afternoon in autumn that the idea for Arrowmat™ was born.  It was the type of day that is ideal for getting together with friends and for slinging a few arrows.  Blair Acker, an avid outdoorsman and longtime fan of archery had gotten together with a few friends and was taking aim at the old beat up target behind the barn when the concept first hit him.  "I was zeroing in on an old paper plate that the guys had tacked onto the front of the target" explains Acker, "when I thought to myself...ya know, this is ridiculous!  Here we are shooting arrows at an expensive foam block target with nothing better to aim at than a stupid paper plate with an X drawn in the center with a magic marker.  I thought it was rather comical and made a comment to the guys about it.  I remember thinking...There's got to be something better to aim at than paper plates."

The Following Day

With the thought of shooting at paper plates still fresh in his mind, Acker was making his way through the local office supply store when he came to a sudden halt.  There before him, arranged in rows on a counter were various styles of mouse pads.  An interesting concept developed at this point.  What if there was a product available to archers that would feature photorealistic imagery, be durable enough to withstand multiple arrow shots and that could be affixed to the front of an ordinary foam block target?  With that, Acker purchased an 8" x 8" mouse pad and hurried home to test his evolving theory.   Over the next several months, Acker shot hundreds of arrows through his simple prototype and realized that not only did the foam rubber material and neoprene face of the mouse pad hold up extraordinarily well to arrows, but that it was extremely weather resistant as well.  The concept had merit.  Soon, Acker was working with a New York based company to develop a more refined prototype that he could test with his friends and other archers across the state.  The development of Arrowmat™ Archery Targets now encompasses a product line of nine different targets segmented into three different categories:  Arrowmat™ Competition Series, Wildlife Game Series and the Just For Fun Series. New product research and development is ongoing with new and exciting prospects on the horizon.

Distinctly Unique

There truly is no other product like Arrowmat™ available. The patent pending, open cell foam rubber material combined with its neoprene face provides Arrowmat™ targets with an amazing degree of durability.  Through a dye sublimation process in which images are chemically transferred through heat to the surface of a neoprene fabric, images are crystal clear and display vibrant colors and detail.  With its universal size of 17" x 17", Arrowmat™ targets will affix easily to most foam block targets and will work well with any suitable backstop capable of bringing an arrow safely to rest.  At a mere 13 ounces, the product is extremely portable and can be simply rolled up and put away when not in use.

Arrowmat™ on Michigan Out Of Doors TV