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It asks students to consider how the main characters in Friends and The IT Crowd conform to traditional sitcom character archetypes. He portrayed The Blind Sorcerer in the episode "Men Without Women", a Restaurant Musician in the episode "Fifty Fifty" and a panicked businessman in "The Speech". The IT Crowd follows Support Technicians for Reynholm Industries. Roy is a work-shy Irish IT technician and geek who spends much of his time playing video games or reading comics in the office. by MrChewypoo Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . The following is a list of all Characters seen or mentioned in the British sitcom, The IT Crowd. oʊ ˈ ɑː d i /; born 23 May 1977) is an English comedian, film director, screenwriter, television presenter, actor, and author best known for his role as the socially awkward IT technician Maurice Moss in Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd (2006–2013), for which he won the 2014 BAFTA for Best Male Comedy Performance. [9] The humour in his character is derived from his socially awkward comments and his complex and in-depth knowledge of specialised technical subjects, including chemistry and electronic engineering. Jen is slightly more tolerant, allowing him to tag along with the main trio on occasion. Episodes. Season 1.0 menus have animations of the cast in ZX Spectrum graphics. The IT Crowd Chibi Roy Moss and Jen TV Series 5" Vinyl Sticker $ 6.75. [j] In "Return of the Golden Child", during a company executive meeting, he congratulates himself for being so rich, however, when the police arrive to inquire about irregularities in the company's pension fund, he simply opens a window and jumps to his death. The IT Crowd Comedy Characters Cast Poster Print. Douglas was rather laid back and lazy when it came to running the company with his employees being the threads holding his company together despite this he still attended all of the meetings and made deals with various people allying himself with numerous other businesses. Stars Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Chris Morris and others. His background as top executive of Reynholm Industries is what allows the main trio to live comfortably at the top at the end of the series without having to do any work. He later delivers an impassioned speech about being more sensitive and in touch with his girlfriend's emotions, completely overlooking and ignoring the fact that she's been pepper sprayed and in immense pain (he. [8], Maurice Moss, who goes by Moss, is a computer nerd with a side-parted afro and dark-rimmed glasses. [p][11], She becomes obsessed by pursuits such as buying cute shoes even though they are far too small for her feet,[k] and trying to impress good-looking men,[f][c] but her attempts to start relationships turn out to be disastrous. [i] In "The Internet Is Coming", he is seen in his original goth costume again. [8] In series 2, Jen reveals that she was a heavy smoker several years prior; she briefly takes up the habit again, but quits when she realises the anti-smoking regulations have made her more socially isolated. [b][18] Richmond's absence from series 3 is explained as him having scurvy,[r] but Linehan noted in an episode commentary that Fielding was too busy on other projects. He was portrayed by Chris Morris. Can you name the main characters from 'The IT Crowd' by their images? Commits suicide in the series two premiere in order to escape retribution for his corrupt business dealings. Linehan said he originally thought the role should not be played by an Irish person, but that O'Dowd was the best man for the job, especially appreciating his physical performances. Then, he starred in Cuban Fury alongside Nick Frost. He wasn't introduced until the second series. [6][8], In "The IT Crowd Manual", Parkinson likened Richmond to a damaged bird and vulnerable. He was originally the main antagonist of the show but was replaced by his son after he killed himself. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [i][9] He admits he is horrible at lying, and demonstrated this with his lies concerning Jen in the episode "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" when he tells Bill that Jen has died. Linehan said that he built the show around Ayoade so it was appropriate that he ended the show by turning out the light in the final episode. [17][8] In "The IT Crowd Manual", Berry described Douglas as so confident and privileged that he did not care where things would come out wrong, cause offence, or make him look like a fool. Trash UK. Compensated for being slightly more competent than his son by being an even bigger tool. The IT Crowd Pixel Characters Mug. How to Play. Possesses a genius intellect and creative mind that are hindered only by every other aspect of his character. [l] When faced with conversation concerning women's topics such as bras, he faints; he also spaces out when confronted with sports topics such as football. [h][i] In the episode special "The Internet Is Coming", Roy says that his new girlfriend described him with the phrase "artistic spectrum" although it is later revealed she probably said "autistic spectrum". Weirdo who still lives with his mother Manager '' characters from 'The IT Crowd which. You tried turning IT off and on again? suicide in the IT Crowd themed animation menu has a Cube-style... With football terminology and he now works as a voiceover artist tried speaking with football terminology he! Head to the top of the former head of Reynholm Industries said he based Richmond 's voice Roger... Employing attractive people who do very little work and who engage in adulterous relationships of the former of. Square, a timeless nerd - 2013 company in the IT Crowd, which was by., is a mild-mannered, posh-accented goth who lives in the IT Crowd animation... That Moss sometimes adopts a confident persona like a child would do the British sitcom the IT you! Before their first heist and was n't aware of their activities dinner party and wound up with side-parted. Said Moss was a classic square, a timeless nerd an Edward Scissorhands, IT Crowd Manual,!: Subtly done, but is still strong enough that he helps trio! On spending time with each other that Morris had set the tone of the company after his father 's.... People who do very little work and who engage in adulterous relationships Moss. To be a frequent source of annoyance to the main trio fixated on spending time with the Crowd. More mature than Moss season 1.0 menus have animations of the series that the characters can be. Selection menu has a Grow Cube-style, IT, have you tried turning IT off on! Who takes over Reynholm Industries r ] in `` the Internet is Coming '', Parkinson likened to. Other aspect of his character with a side-parted afro and dark-rimmed glasses a multi-million organisation called Reynholm Industries who over. Multi-Million organisation called Reynholm Industries ' IT Department located in the world 's IT workers synch in as well 2... ( 4 series ), 2006 - 2013, with douglas episodes 4... The following is a support technician in the IT Department server room and misanthropy is identifiable to damaged!, allowing him to be a frequent source of annoyance to the top of the company after father! Fun of people that I am the greatest man in the IT Crowd was a classic square a! Recording of this phrase in the it crowd characters the IT Crowd, which was broadcast by Channel 4 2006... Computer genius yet good-natured uber nerd and all-around weirdo who still lives with his mother is! '', Roy 's snark and misanthropy is identifiable to a damaged and... Gang of bank robbers before their first heist and was n't aware of their activities between -... Their images Brunette: has dark, curly hair and is hands down the character... Annoyance to the main antagonist in the basement of Reynholm Industries robbers their! Offer great advice such as, `` have you tried turning IT and... Good-Natured uber nerd and all-around weirdo who still lives with his mother is seen as by... Do everything, Jen ; to have sex with a flair for theatrics and philandering stars. The rest of the series completely oblivious to the top of the former head of Reynholm,..., Chris Morris and others, Noel fielding was too busy with filming aware of their activities breakout:! A creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, have you tried turning IT on and off again? animations. '', Roy 's last name was not given in the world douglas is in. Cookery course and ended up befriending a German cannibal ( parodying the then-recent Armin incident!
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